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Diagnosing Rubella, Measles, Chickenpox


Everyone knows that nothing so much do not care about my mother's health of her child. That is why, having found her baby in skin rashes, painful kind, increased body temperature, many impressionable parents to panic. In order to spare my mother's nerves and give the child the necessary and timely assistance, every parent should know the face of 'teething'. Most pediatricians believe that the major childhood diseases such as measles, chickenpox, German measles – is an excellent opportunity for the children's immunity to gain in strength, become a protection that can withstand the infection in the future. People who never bolevshie measles, chicken pox or rubella in childhood, adulthood age do not tolerate illness and often face complications. Therefore, pediatricians do not recommend to prevent contact between the child with other children, because sooner or later he will have to face 'face to face' with any of the diseases of children. It is best if it happens earlier. So, you find that your child is unwell.

Inspect it, paying special attention to his skin surface. If you see a rash on a child's body, try to determine her character, so you can tell your doctor. As long as you commute to the pediatrician, it's time to look through the medical reference book. Each of childhood illness has symptoms. Lancome is a great source of information. Comparing the symptoms described in this guide, you even before the doctor can see with what the disease had to face you and your child, and determine for themselves the sequence of action. Headache, vomiting, sudden onset of fever, red small eruption, which focuses on the armpits, groin and elbow – it's symptoms of scarlet fever. Medical Encyclopedia describes as scarlet fever 'purple fever', the main symptoms which – for acute illness, an itchy rash and tongue, surrounded by red papillae.

It is not recommended to cope on their own – their parents should always be to call a doctor and conduct appropriate treatment. More often all, in this disease doctor prescribes antibiotics, of which in any case should not be abandoned, as scarlet fever can cause complications. With timely treatment and care full scarlet fever occurs without complications, and a couple of weeks your child may go for a walk. The list of diseases that are better to move as a child completes one of the most common childhood illnesses – chicken pox. Characterized by a disease is often fever and the appearance of redness, which later turn into blisters filled with fluid. After a certain number of bubbles formed crust. It is very important as Once you see on your baby's skin reddening, similar to chicken pox, not to be confused with any other skin disease and not bathe him, just as the water will spread the infection further by the body. Rubella – one more often occurring childhood disease. Medical catalog notes the main features of the disease – sneezing, runny nose, itching, fever, swollen lymph nodes. Unlike the two previous diseases, Rubella occurs more easily and virtually no complications. If you notice your child has symptoms of rubella, and its abundant poite necessarily limit its contacts with pregnant women. Even if the symptoms disease no longer exists, you should not assume your child to be well – before you entrust him with the previous load, let it grow stronger finally. And most importantly – good luck!

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