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Better service through optimum customer communication Hanover, February 10, 2011. For even more analysis, hear from Gensler San Francisco. To immediately inform passengers about errors on their journey, the Deutsche Bahn uses first the HAFAS information manager HIM from HCon Software House in pilot operation. Since the timetable change railway customers in December 2010 not only know whether your train will be on time. Thanks to HIM they recognize now also at a glance, whether affected their travel events, let not in exact delay minutes, put the so-called fuzzy messages. The message will appear directly in the connection overview of based on HAFAS timetable of the DB (bahn.de). Also additional information, for example through special ticket or service offerings can with HIM direct tensile -, extensor – or bahnhofsbezogen of passengers be transmitted.

With the help of HIM the DB is able to provide information on their passengers that they could communicate previously not connection specific. HIM closes the gap between real-time information Info immediately before departure and the long-term planned timetable. HIM contributes to that rail travellers perceive errors in the operation more positively by the appropriate information in a timely manner and accurately is transmitted by them to their connection and they can better plan’, says HCon project leader Sebastian Muller. Will be informed via many output channels, the rail travelers available: on the Internet and in the tourist centre just like via mobile phone. In addition also systems for DB employees, among other things in the DB provided, travel centers with HIM information. HIM is a tool that is used to edit schedule content in real time Web-based.

The HIM family by HCon includes individual modules, such as HIM geo or HIM timetable, which can be integrated in the HAFAS timetable information. Info with HIM can take into account all error information in text form for the travel planning. The most important features at a glance: HIM info is easy to use, fast and flexible for DB staff and at the same time safely and precisely.

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