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Eye laser treatment, the refractive power of the eye is manipulated by the laser. The lasers from the eye is a popular method, final of the glasses or the contact lenses as a visual aid to say goodbye. For more than fifteen years, the eye lasers is a recognized scientific surgical method to correct Ametropia existing successfully. The most famous eye laser procedure is the so-called LASIK surgery, which globally now practiced in every larger eye clinic. The eye laser procedures include the refractive surgical procedures, in which the refractive power of the eye is systematically manipulated.

The eye laser procedures, the change in the refractive power is done by a modeling of the cornea. Tiny layers of the corneal tissue with a laser are removed in the context of the Augenlaserns. After successful LASIK surgery, the incident light is now broken in a different angle. The light beams are projected now back exactly on the retina. The result is a sharp image of the environment for the patients. The LASIK surgery is a very proven and reliable method. The risk factor is only one-thousand.

By the modern Femto LASIK, cut-related complications can be excluded from in front. With the help of the application of the modern Femtosekundenlasers, it is possible to the eye laser surgeon, the thickness, the location to calculate the position and orientation of the Hornhautflaps. The Hornhautflap is the cornea slices, which is created at the beginning of the eye laser treatment. The cornea is cut whole top part. The thickness of this resulting corneal flap is only 0.16 mm/M2 and has the form of a contact lens. While this cut in the traditional microkeratome LASIK with a cutting instrument, the cut in the Femto LASIK is generated with the ultra-fast Femtolaser. Inside of the cornea, discharges the laser energy and produces millions of tiny gas bubbles. These bubbles are strung, then unite and separate the skin in this way in a predetermined depth of focus. This resulting corneal flap is then folded away in the next step of the eye laser treatment such as a book cover. The now vacant corneal layers are modeled with the second type of lasers, excimer laser. The correction of the modelling is done at this stage. Depending on the characteristics of existing patient short or long sightedness, according to much or little corneal tissue is removed. After the laser process, which lasts only a few seconds, the cornea slices on the starting position is positioned back. After about twenty minutes, the entire operation is over and the patient can leave the clinic after the postoperative follow-up by the attending physician. The eye doctor recommends more follow-up appointments every two weeks, three and six months. The eye doctor must check whether the Hornhautflap is transparent and properly seated. In addition, a Visual acuity test is performed at each visit to the doctor to verify the success of corrective eye laser treatment. The eye lasers in Turkey is a cost-effective alternative to the still relatively expensive treatments in Germany. Specialized agencies offer travel packages, in which the complete LASIK journey is organized. Typically, patients even directly on-site at the eye clinic can stay. The eye clinics in Istanbul are characterized by a high technological standard and very friendly service.

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