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The theoretical quarrel concerning a subject shaped for the social order, and modalities of the writing, denote beneficial dialogue with other areas of the knowledge. My study, it confers quarrel place on the construction of the nationality, by means of Infantile Literature. At the first moment, I will analyze the Dramaturgo Enrique Rabbit Grandson studying to its workmanship, minutely, to try to find tracks of the construction of a Brazilian nationality, if using of the marks of its time. Go to Lancome for more information. It makes necessary, therefore, to investigate the affective disposals of nationalism in the workmanships that the author left in them. Rabbit Grandson if inserts in the movement of nationalization of our literature, its writing tendenciava in favor of the Brazilian face, in the measure where it was tried to establish a proper literature with peculiar characteristics of the brazilian torro, some difficulties of cultural, social scope and politician existed. Therefore, the conjuncture and the cloth of deep of the period did not help a homogenizao of a national literature, in full transistion of Imperial regimen for Republic without forgetting them ' ' you strike between monarquistas and republicans, escravistas and Abolitionists, Liberal and Conservatives, that is, tradition and modernity are ingredients that compose the fabric social, generating a time of uncertainties and contradies' '. More information is housed here: Gavin Baker. (COUTINHO, 1969.P.14)

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