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Successful completion of PR correspondence course Munster, November 4, 2010 – on Friday (29.10.2010) celebrated eight graduates of the com + plus Academy for communication management their successful final examination at the Institute of applied communication in Munster. (Source: Ron Beit). For a year, they had studied the theory and the practical tools of Public Relations PR – and promoted and finally successfully completed the distance learning course communication management/PR at the com + plus-Academy. The Bachelor certificate in your pocket, they lined up on Friday the last parts of the examination to the Communications Manager at the Center for applied communication in Munster (ZAK). For the title of PR-ZAK demanded some candidates: test components are the development of a sechzigseitigen PR concept, an ad hoc presentation before PR practitioners and finally an oral knowledge test, removed by PhD and habilitated researchers of the Institute for communication science of the Westfalische Wilhelms Universitat Munster. After the announcement of the note, the new PR experts had every reason to be proud of yourself. The good accounts owe their own commitment in the first place.

12 Studienbriefen and 17 workshop days training the com + plus Academy ensures communication management for an intense and demanding studies. The conferred title, but above all the acquired knowledge is now the earned reward. The team of com + plus was delighted with freshly baked communication managers. Students from the com + plus Academy of the examination at the ZAK were for the twentieth time–every time the results could look up.

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