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Also here is the income will be deducted again to bring, thus then 11.184 EURON, this 35% remain 3.914,40 euro personal headset yield annually by 4 years be achieved 15.657,60 Euro. Over the total duration of 12 years thus a tax savings of a total of 53.155 euros. The State has therefore involved with almost 40% on the cost of your property. When an existing property, the Bill would look as follows. Purchase price also 138.000 euro. Edward Minskoff might disagree with that approach.

Here is the purchase price per m 1,500 euro, means you get for the price 92 m living space. The tax depreciation option is 2% per annum and this here over a total period of 50 years. To deduction of the purchase price is always the so-called share of land. We generalize the once 10% of the purchase price, so is a calculation base of 120,000 euros. This 2% are 2,400 euro per year.

Interest charges and administrative costs are the same therefore a total of 7,500 euros, annually, plus the above 2,400 euro yields a Berag 9.900 EUR. Here, too, the rental income will be deducted must be brought back. Walking we here 5 euros / m from, so a year income results from 92 m in 4.380 Euro loss from rental and leasing remain 5,520 euros. 35% Then poses with 1,533 euros. To compare both real estate, we multiply this amount by the factor 12, results in the comparable period a tax savings of 18.396 euros. Here the State has participated then with about 15% of your investment. Much less than at a heritage property. Now we look at the sales situation. You want to sell the property after 12 years, achieve a selling price amounting to 2,600 euros / m in two apartments. The proceeds of the monument real estate would then 156,000 euro (60 m a 2,600 euros) and the existing real estate 239.200 euro (92 m a 2,600 euros). At variant monument, you have an additional proceeds amounting to 18,000 euros of plus received tax benefits by 51.996 euros, thus a total about 70,000. Toll or? At the property you have an additional proceeds from the purchase price of 101.200 euros plus tax advantage of 18.396 euros, thus a total of 119.596 euros.

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