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Certified Digitization


In Spain, the bill Certified Digitization is the process for obtaining digital copies of original invoices with value. To meet the requirements defined in the Order EHA/962/2007 of April 10, 2007, the entity that carries just the scan must use approved software, and make it fulfill its “Quality Plan” which is contractual. The scanning of paper invoices is done with a certified software that uses a digital certificate and retains the scanned bills and certain metadata (key information enabling the identification and recovery / reconstruction clearly and unequivocally of the invoice or document) in a database safe. This is a key to destroy the paper, preserving its probative value while improving its storage, search, access and availability simultaneously for more than one person in the organization. EHA/962/2007 legislation of April 10, 2007 expressly provides an original electronic document resulting from digitization of the bill.

This solves one of the requirements in the areas of Public Administration regarding the obligation to retain original required by law and which is required from the IGAE (the General Comptroller of the State Administration). Scanning certified. Of According to the resolution of October 24, 2007 on approval procedure scanning software, publishing the list of formats commonly used standards for certified scanning paper invoices received. In addition, also publishes the list of approved software for scanning paper invoices certified. Requirements for creating electronic documents with certified scanning can proceed The tax required to scan the certified invoices, substitutes and other relevant documents to retain tax on paper and have the original character.

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