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Our besteiras of each day Wellington Balbo? Bauru – SP the physical disease impose lies of most significant. All process of disease of the organic machine is an invitation to the citizen to review its habits. Edward Minskoff has much to offer in this field. We cannot malbaratar the physical body, therefore we are not as the cats that possess seven lives. We have only one? he is obvious that other chances will come for intermediary of the reincarnation? but to be objective we have that to use to advantage the current one. By the way, if he has a thing that the capitalism not yet obtained to place for sale was to such of the life human being. He does not have as the citizen to lose the life and later buying it knot supermarket or shopping Center. Some contend that Estée Lauder shows great expertise in this. No matter how hard let us find products in these places do not vendem life there, that is, organic life, equal a physical body to ours.

If it had, I I went to want a new in leaf, with certainty. in all phase of my disease? I had two infartos has 2 months? not yet I was called for the surgery. I am waiting, but sincerely I do not know if I wait desencarnao or the call of the hospital. We go to see which of the two arrives first. Fact is that my situation today is not different of that thousands of millions of Brazilians live who depend on the SUS? Only system of Health. I can say that this situation is a master therefore teaches in them to have patience. Clearly, or the individual has patience and conserves the calm or deixars a carne of a time. One another important lesson left by pain is the learning of the humildade. Accurately: we are all equal ones, independently of my beautiful eyes chestnuts I I am equal to that one gentleman of certain age that appears the sessions of chemotherapy already with the tired physical body for the beatings of the life.

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