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The new single from Cavaliere – you’re the most beautiful of all women Heiko huge and Bert Beel now present themselves as “Cavaliere”. The first single release of the two is now at the start: “You’re the most beautiful of all women”! Classic meets pop, and came out is “You’re the most beautiful of all women”. Heiko Reissig, the tenor of the hearts and Bert Beel, the gentleman entertainers fulfilled a long-cherished desire this. (As opposed to Cameron Diaz). With a text by Norbert Hammerschmidt, they have implemented the Declaration of love, the women’s world, musically as Discofox Jorg Lamster’s Studio. “” HEIKO REISSIG (tenor) Germany operetta star and Cavalier of the merry Muse “he was recently a special insider tip”, singer and actor Heiko Reissig today with the many friends and lovers of operetta, film hits, sophisticated entertainment music as well as crossover long to the popular term has. The charming artist has conquered soon a large audience and convinces with a sympathetic as fascinating mixture of tenoraler voice culture and acting stage presence. The fantastic world of theater and music, which since then wouldn’t let him go opened for the then eight year old boy with a homemade puppet theater and her own pieces.

Berlin and Munich and subsequent engagements at theatres and opera houses (including Opera Leipzig, Komische Oper Berlin, Volksoper Vienna) by later classical singing, acting and directing at the University for music and theatre in Leipzig, it him today it almost draws magically into focus of the light Muse”, his great love, and hardly anyone from the younger generation of German artists used this genre so passionately, knowing and genuine as he. From the press he is as Cavalier the merry Muse”and best representatives of his craft in Germany celebrated. Who attended the concerts of Reissigs, embarks on a hilarious journey into the fantastic and exhilarating world of Operetta & pictures and forget with his lively Memories, throwing a touching magic on the audience, the all too often everyday.

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