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However, the author, while still a young man, had a conversation about this with the famous sculptor H. Krymshamhalovym. The latter argued that, contrary to the majority of his relatives, they are descended from the Khan Artyk, known in Russian chronicles as a lad. To read more click here: Edward Minskoff. As representatives of the house, so to speak, zahirevshego, they do not could not in the Golden Horde period, or after the claim for the top title of the Turks in the hierarchy of the North Caucasus – Shamkhal – but behind them forever secured the second largest status – krymshamhal, which means "partial Shamkhal." At the same time, according to the text Balkar folk song "Sokur Kazak and the Crimean Khan," Krymshamhalovy until about the middle of the XVI century, owned the territory Bezengi as his patrimony – that there sent Akbay Krymshamkhalov his two sons to avoid a conflict with a group of families Khan, shortly before it came to the Caucasus, probably from the Volga region. In connection with the foregoing, it should perhaps be recalled that Khan's father was Artyk Sharukan – "Yellow Khan." Turkic peoples alien to the transitions in the hissing sibilants, "balls" instead of "Sarah" in the sense of "yellow," we find only the Mongols and Ugric peoples. There is no doubt that Pechenegs before Genghis Khan is in close connection with the Mongols (and judging by the Kalmyk epic "Jangar" – were included as a separate tribe in their union) had the best chance to adopt certain standards in their orthoepical next neighbors. If you are not convinced, visit Nir Barzilai, M.D..

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