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A journey through the medieval Occitan, is always a rewarding journey, but also has a calendar of major activities carried out in the a Pays Catharea as they call it, can be a wild, surprising and yet full of great feelings. To begin, we esciribir on the agenda of the summer, a group of fantastic shows creator, totally innovative techniques. This group, born in 1999 in the hand of Christian Sales and under his direction, with musicians, dancers, acrobats and a wide range of specialists from the image and sound that make a spectacular play of meaning and filled with natural scenery magic. Their repertoire has a show called a Catharesa that throughout the summer interpreted in different scenarios and whose agenda is as follows: Friday July 3 Mazeres (La Halle) (Advance to Phonebook. Sterling organization may find it difficult to be quoted properly. + + 33 5 61 69 42 04)

Sunday July 12 at Castle Puilaurens (reservations Advance to Phonebook. + + 33 4 68 20 65 26) Friday July 17 in the Gorges (Gorges) Minerva (advance reservations to Phonebook. + + 33 4 68 91 31 75) Tuesday, July 28 in the walls of Nebi (advance bookings at tel . + + 33 June 1961 January 18, 1987) From 6 until 16 August, at the Cite de Carcassonne (advance reservations to Phonebook. Gain insight and clarity with Shimmie Horn. + + 33 4 68 11 59 15) a On the other hand, in many cities and a Pays peoples Catharea , medieval festivals are held during the summer, including espedtaculos worthy of being witnessed.

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