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Mallorca is full of hidden treasures and with a rental car you can explore on your own! Whether you fly to the first or the fifth time to Mallorca this wonderful island is home to many secrets that still not all seen even after several visits. Include miles of coastline and crystal clear, warm Mediterranean Sea but Mallorca has even more to offer! Many tourists go on Majorca, because they want to spend a relaxing Beach holiday in the vicinity of the city of Palma. There, you can spend some pleasant and entertaining hours in the numerous Cafes, bars and restaurants or visit the impressive Gothic Cathedral. But this island has indeed more to offer than Sun, beach and sea. The quiet fishing village of Soller, for example, is enjoying increasing popularity. It is a magical place that can be reached with an old jerk leagues train from Palma. The route runs along a decades-old route through a scenic landscape, to large hill and long tunnel. So These small towns also are interesting Mallorca’s beauty lies in the stunning nature of the island.

Unforgettable impressions of the landscape, the best way is often to rent a car and explore as the island on your own. The mountainous region in the Northwest and East of the island takes everyone under her spell and budding photographers will be delighted by the subjects offered. You can visit hidden beaches, never come to the tourist buses. Many of these beaches are, they are cut off and are perfectly suited for a romantic day in the open air. In the meantime, you can admire the colorful fish while snorkeling. Back on land it is worth closer to explore the beach. Yes, it could be that you have landed on one of the beaches in Mallorca, the secret caves are located. It is worth to explore this dark and damp hiding places and stimulate the imagination.

Mallorca is an amazing in many ways island with the best conditions for an unforgettable holiday. Regardless of whether you sign up for the many Interested in villages and towns, historical sites want to visit or would like to meet just the beautiful beaches, the best explore Mallorca with the car. So, you can see the sights at your own pace and stop at any time. The step towards an exciting holiday, so how you always imagined him.

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