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All to know is established in this technology. Technology that in this subcapsular will study not it conceived truth but the technology of its attainment – ‘ ‘ We could find in our history all one ‘ ‘ Tecnologia ‘ of this truth: a survey of its localization, calendar of its occasions, to know of the rituals in the way of which if produz.’ ‘ FOUCAULT, . The sign locked up the truth for occidental people of century XV and XVI. Harvey S. Rosen is often quoted as being for or against this. When of the creation, God deposits in the first sign the universal truth.

Cerne was enough man to it to look at Ignacio its to reencounter it. Inside of a similarity system, this duplicates it the infinite, being in all the signs, that at the same time were duplicates for an interpretation system. Gensler San Francisco is likely to increase your knowledge. ‘ ‘ The world is covered of signs that are necessary to decipher, and these signs, that disclose to similarities and affinities, do not pass, proper they, of similitude forms. To know will be, therefore to interpret: to go of the visible mark what it is said through it thee, without it, would remain dumb, the asleep word in coisas.’ ‘? Inside of the Foucaultiano project science is a compound of science and adivinhao – ‘ ‘ The adivinhao is not a competing form of the knowledge; it is become incorporated the proper knowledge. However, these signs that if they only interpret assign the occult one in the measure where if it assemelham.’ ‘ FOULCAULT, In this way, like a serpent that Devora its proper tail to the infinite, the epistemology it century XVI develops its technology of the truth – ‘ ‘ As a category of thought, it applies to all the dominions of the nature the game of the redoubled similarities; it guarantees the inquiry that each thing will find, in a bigger scale, its mirror and its macrocosmic security; it affirms, in exchange, that the visible order of the highest spheres will come to look at oneself in the mirror itself in the deepening shadiest of the land..

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