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Brain Nucleus


Bridge points out immediately superior to bulb and previous to brain, that consists of nuclei and treatments and is a structure that connects the parts of encfalo between itself, is formed by axnios that if understand in two main directions. transversos axnios Da Ponte attend a course for pareados treatments that connect the sides right and left of the cerebellum; the longitudinal axnios Da Ponte are part of ascending sensorial treatments and descending motor treatments. The important nuclei Da Ponte include the areas pneumotxica and the apnustica that next to rhythmic area to bulbar participate of the control of the breath. The bridge also contains nuclei associates to following the four pairs of cranianos nerves: trigmeos, abducentes, face nerves and vestibule-cocleares.

Mesencfalo extends Da Ponte until diencfalo. The forebody of mesencfalo will count a pair of treatments, calls cerebral grain stalks that contain axnios of motor neurons tenement house-bulbares, that lead nervous impulses of the brain for the spinal marrow, bulb and bridge. Visit Cesario Group for more clarity on the issue. The posterior part of mesencfalo, the ceiling, presents four rounded off rises, the quadrigmeos bodies. The two known superiors as colculos superiors, act as reflected centers, that govern the movements of the eyes, of the head and the neck, in reply the visual stimulatons and to other stimulatons. The two inferior rises, are center reflected for the movements of the head and the trunk, in auditory reply the stimulaton. Mesencfalo contains diverse nuclei, also the left and the right, the black substances, that control the muscular activities, the red nuclei, rich sanguineous suppliment and of a pigment, I contend iron, in its neuronais cellular bodies. The known medial lemnisco as white substance, contains axnios that lead impulses related with the sensations of the tato, the propriocepo, the pressure and the vibration, originated in the nuclei gracile and coneiforme, in the bulb until the thalamus.

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