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Latencies that exceed the familiar way to deal with the word in poetry state, as the tradition greco-Latin presented and ritualizou in the degustation form. Saborear the alive word would be one of them. The poetry contemporary, less eager for directions, is left to display in expositions that patiently can receive the visitor in locu, making of the body of the observer a wait agent, but also, it? the poetry -, abdicates of the visiting corpus, taken of varied and felt repertoires others. Such operation of resignation in relation to the expectador seems to give itself in such a way in function of the recognition of the autonomy of the art for the technology as well as for the openings of ways of (reverse speed) readings that of it, reading/visiting, are covered. That is, when introducing themselves in the workmanship, it wants for the refined directions, it wants for the conquered perceptions, the continuous movements of discoveries disclose to the interchange between languages and codes the point of in determined interaction moments, between reader and visitor, reader and visited workmanship, having enough disconnections so that signatures are readings and writings, for registrations, the point of a writing to be carried through.

The corridor of entrance written with the poem is support and at the same time body of the poetry. This solid armor that the soil of the cultural center assumes, without excluding the frame notion, is capable to establish relations and bonds between words. The carefully made use verses are mirrors of reading steps, as an infantile game of amarelinha, where sky, point of arrival, such is gotten rid which ' ' Book of Areia' ' suspended and cited in the video installed and presented uninterruptedly during the visitation time. The degustation includes the explicitao of the digestion of the poetical corpus. IV? The frias, the time and the memory the traffic in the virtual space sobremoderno makes to circulate contents that assume the characteristic of a displacement in always new territories, where dominates the absence, the lack of a center and a bedding, since the alucinantes speeds of the exchanges hinder this delimitation and refuse the origin direction, printing to the movement the continuous direction of mobility.

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