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Introduction. Blogs and diaries have become part of a large family – called "pumping money from advertisers." And helps in this business you do. As it happens, you will learn after reading this article. How do you earn through Celebrity? If you think you will read testimonies celebrity, then you are grossly mistaken. The probability that this blog wrote literate PR is 99.9%. Details can be found by clicking uber or emailing the administrator. How to earn it? Here's an example – in attendance blog (diary) in 2000 people a day – an ad in this diary will cost from $ 100 per month. And this is just one ad. And you wonder why you live in poverty, and who – gets the money.

How do you earn through money the agency? Yandex, and other advertising agencies, for their content. So Learn (livejournal.com), you can create a simple account as a gift, where you will have very little function, so the majority go on sponsored an Account, where advertisement appears. And you absolutely poimeyut a month from $ 10 – and you're an ordinary person, nothing special. And how to make blog celebrity? The answer: a lot! It's a market, you buy wholesale and sell retail. How to resist "Linden"! The first stage. Personally, I've already counted 3 or 4 different, diary Zhirinovsky – supported by heavy advertising. Nir Barzilai, M.D. is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Which one is it? The answer – NO! The first thing to do is make a list, black list.

The composition of this list must enter all of those blogs that are not celebrities. There are blogs that are using someone else's name. It is these diaries should be sent to the blacklist. Such a list can be placed on forums and websites. As stop working for a celebrity! Second stage. Give up reading these diaries. With the help you earn money and you should clearly understand this. You know how much is an ad banner at mail.ru? And I know: $ 500 per month – and this is price for the hyperlink. Everyone can see the ad: "Timothy has created a blog, or who – is there still. Ignore it. If you come across the link, then you did what you wanted to. How to start earning for yourself. The third stage. Create your own blog, invite friends and participate in those communities that are truly useful. If you put – at least a little effort, you can earn $ 100 a month myself and not give them to other people – visiting blogs celebrities. Conclusion: Do not make yourself an idol. Otherwise, you obviously consider yourself a loser, and his idol put first. You want to play and be a loser? If your answer is "Yes", then keep reading diaries celebrities – and help earn them a new house, car, album. I believe in you, dear readers, you will succeed! Importantly, play by their rules, not according to the rules of others, they have written for you!

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