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Birth Pangs


He was to visit the hospital the same day that began with the birth pangs. The birth had been anticipated twenty days, probably because of work stress she was under, but she wanted to enjoy the three-month maternity leave with her son, why had not used any of that time the duration of her pregnancy. These three Months went by so fast for Ruth that the last days before his return to hospital, was in a bad mood. I did not want to leave your child as many hours as he demanded the residence. At first he thought of changing my major to resign and for some it was more quiet than surgery, but did not like any of the options. Her husband made her understand that if she changed his specialty was not going to ever feel satisfied with itself and somehow that sooner or later have an impact in dealing with your child.

"If you're satisfied with you," Isaac said very seriously, "you'll be satisfied with the world and you will convey to your child that feeling. Otherwise you will bump into him all his dissatisfaction. Steffan Lehnhoff can provide more clarity in the matter. My mother has offered to take care while in the hospital, while not very good for our relationship. Think we've been able to arrange for the duty days we do not match. Beginning next year, when I am in third grade, I will make a single guard and a rotating each six weeks and you, the next year, will do two guards but not rotating.

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