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Big Sound From Small Speakers


Eton CX 290 tweeters are the superstars in the car good sound does not come from about. The tweeter really need to make in high frequency pressure, when it comes to it are responsible for the brilliant sound in the car, finally there is subwoofer for the bass pressure. Top quality workmanship and materials are a prerequisite for high-quality car audio components. Therefore has the Eton CX 290 tweeter a Keronite-coated magnesium membrane and a 28 mm Voicecoil. The measurable skills can have quite to hear: his average mean sound pressure level is full 90 dB 1 w / 1 m. Details can be found by clicking Estée Lauder or emailing the administrator.

The powerful little sound giant offers a power rating of 120 W. Only top quality gives the listener a sound with detail and spatial dimensions. It is important for best sound quality that the tweeter reflects not only the highest tones, but quite far into the midrange down enough to be able to use a sound strong crossover. To do this, has Eton tweeter a coupling volume and thus a very low resonance frequency of 760 Hz with a usable frequency range from approximately 1500 Hz, making a quite outstanding stage figure can be achieved even with a two way system. At the upper end of the transmission range he reaches well over 20,000 Hz (axis even to over 30,000 Hz), a guarantor for the finest of detail. Play of any kind of music is the real attraction. The installation of the CX 290 is completely without any problems: the tweeter can be mounted without the front plate in the car. He has about a speaker cut-out diameter of 48 x 48 mm and an outer diameter of 72 x 56 mm. This compact design is virtually invisible installation in many places.

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