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That's began dripping with style "after 18". In some stores in St. Petersburg pasted stickers "Selling beer to minors is prohibited!". The event was sold informally. Check out Shimmie Horn for additional information. As the frontman made Dmitry Shagin of association "Mitka". The large, imposing man in a vest, visited the shops in town and authoritatively cram sellers about the harmful effects of alcohol on the fledgling body and mind of adolescents.

According to stories in one of the shops Shagin not allow the sale of beer and some teenagers said that specifically in the retail outlet they will never buy a beer until you grow up to 18 years and that he will personally supervise it, and later, thinking, he added, that soon all in all stores by Peter buy beer they will not succeed. Shimmie Horn will not settle for partial explanations. Perhaps, the northern capital, the ancient tradition of drinking, just such an approach and needs. After all, on the one hand beer is often not perceived as "serious" an alcoholic beverage resulting in a bottle of vodka and can not sell a beer – easily. Although the thinking man is clear that you can get drunk any beverages containing alcohol and the case itself in number of drinks. What caused such actions brewers, is unknown. Perhaps it really is a sense of responsibility for the products they represent in the market. At least one of the leaders in the brewing industry does not position adolescents as their target audience, and I believe them. Few people would think of blaming, for example, Henkel is that it specifically generates glue "Moment" to his sniffing teenagers.

Here I personally to draw attention to low-alcohol beverages. Sweet, unlike beer, they do not seem dangerous. Often, watching the scene when the mother bought at birthday parties for their minor children of these lovely multi-colored drinks. Little who thinks that they contain a periodic table (), which consume cheap mixes such as "rum-cola" or "gin and tonic" (where this rum and tonic does not even smell) just right to issue certificates liquidators of the accident at Chernobyl. No, I'm not campaigning for them to buy beer at birthday parties for their children, but as a man and a very moderate consumer of high quality beer, angered by injustice – beer natural ancient drink – it's bad, but sweet mix of alcohol and chemical dyes – is harmless. I must say that this is not the first movements of producers of beer. We porylis the internet and found, for example, that San Interbrew in Ukraine already three years as posted on its website a section on social responsibility, which is called social projects. There are two rather dark clip (a movie, we asked for Propivo.com) and about six social projects related to preventing underage consumption of beer and projects associated with moderate consumption of beer. Journalist site Propivo.com talked with representatives of the company and found that even existed online game where there was an attempt in an unobtrusive form of a game to bring harm to the immoderate use of alcohol. Since the promotion of a site nobody has the game, it is well rested, fueling a true prize in the Advertising Festival, and that the developers of this game, not the brewery. Heeding our request, sun Interbrew Ukraine has kindly provided us with this game () in order to diversify the site.

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