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Bad Reputation


In Spanish the expressions are used marketing of affiliates, or more correctly program of affiliates, to talk about which in English marketing is known like affiliate, to reseller programs or referral programs. Of what I am speaking to you? Pensars you, then, simple and level the programs of affiliates are a system of commercialization very extended in Internet, and in addition, they are also a good form so that you, that she wishes to make businesses in Internet you can really make money. A program of affiliates means that, a company or individual interested in selling its products or services in Internet, decides with a third party (affiliate) the payment commissions by its support in the promotion mentioned products. You can find very many programs of affiliates in Internet, and can registrarte in different platforms from affiliation. But before promoting some product I recommend to you that you follow the following advice to promote: – It thinks that if you are going to endorse or to recommend a product or service, you must of it have acquired before, thus to be able to elaborate a recommendation based on your experience.

If this is not possible for whatever reason, it recommends then products or services of the highest quality and proven effectiveness, and that in addition already enjoy good reputation. You can look for references and opinions of the program of affiliates and the product in Internet through finder of Google. – Desire to affect the previous point more, since he is very habitual that commits this error the nascent ones that wishes to promote quickly what is and to gain his first dollars in Internet. It imagines that sailing by Internet you discover a new product along with a proposal to promote it; you do not buy that product and beams all the work not to find out the reputation of this product, the opinions of other affiliates, etc.

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