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When coming back toward the practical first university this, after happy with the result we identify that to each new intervention, these aged ones were waiting for more new features and differentiated lessons, demanding still more of our creativity. But, we could not forget that to each new plan of action, the interdisciplinaridade if characterized as our bigger challenge. Engaged in this idea, we could not leave of speaking of the corporal culture, therefore it is basic part for all on pedagogical processes to the Physical Education, where its objectives if had guided not directly for the body, but indirectly, by means of the action on the personality (the reasons, the attitudes, the behavior, intellect, will and emotion). Relembrando that the critical-superadora boarding whose purpose is the social transformation, uses as thematic main the corporal culture in a totality vision, being this an object of study of the Physical Education.

The Collective one of Authors (1992) treats the corporal culture as something that has singular characteristics, that is: Search to develop a pedagogical reflection on the quantity of forms of representation of the world that man has produced in elapsing of history, exteriorizadas for the corporal expression: ginsticos games, dances, fights, exercises, sport, juggling, contorcionismo, mimic and others, that can be identified as forms of symbolic representation of realities lived for the man, historically created and culturally developed. was what we can verify already in the second intervention that it used as subject declamations of stories and verses. To the few the aged ones had been relembrando the known versinhos of infancy and in agreement the daily one of field of day 18 of October of 2010, … the shyness was if losing …, they had started to interact with declamations, or counting the small histories, cantigas of wheel. Even though one versinho in German appeared in the story wheel whose translation was made with shyness and joy, since ‘ was about tricks; ‘ maliciosas’ ‘ of the time of infancy.

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