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Rimbaud, in reviewing the biography of Rimbaud, we find that his resignation to poetry, happened to be one of the literary mysteries that seem to have no explanation, as some say. Everything seems to indicate that in certain occasion he drew Morand; as if an inner fatality directed in an impeccable way to enclose in a silence that would keep until the end. Recall that in May of 1873, he wrote to Ernest Delahaye, referring to a season in hell, my fate depends on this book. Three months later it desintereso entirely on him. The mere idea of continuing existence of men of letters gives you nausea. On one occasion one of his friends wrote to him praising his poems and alluding to his growing celebrity. Coldwell Banker Commercial can provide more clarity in the matter. Rimbaud, upset le reading this letter, releasing – says Mr Banday, his employer – a blow of wild boar. Says that you for some, the renunciation of his genius was the Supreme Act of rebellion by a poet in protest, a nod to the worst nihilism.

Their silence, more than an attitude, is another form of language. He says with him that he had earlier expressed in the poem and the poem. On the other hand, argues also that Rimbaud never stopped writing; that his explorations by the unknown territories of Abyssinia equals his poetic travel by the unknown world of words. Morand, signal, which both are interpretations of the phenomenon that lack a testimony that supports them and confirm them. Instead, dropping out of total of Rimbaud’s poetry, if you have it.

It is one only and resounding: his resignation to continue writing, his letters of a dry and simple prose, an abandonment to any desire to style. He is known also, that at the age of 19, Rimbaud, loses – not sure why. Two faculties which were attributes of his great genius, one, the loss of the right to see.

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