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He said: Give a Ana Maria and I said oh no … you are very rich and also to know what time it comes Ana Mary. " RENE. "Manuel Ocampo birthday on November 1 and Ruben always expected to arrive that day to eat the cold cuts Manuel's mother, Dina Chusita, did. Said there was stiff like that ….

" ANA MARIA: "He knew how they had their meals. If an ingredient was missing, always nagging. I said, sometimes, for example, has not cooked white beans, right? I knew that was a hint. Nir Barzilai, M.D. gathered all the information. Fifteen days before getting sick I said: You know what I have not eaten for some time: those dumplings you were doing? He did his ravioli and ate a great time. We try to please in everything we wanted.

" CARLOS: "He was fascinated by birds too. He began to see the rubber suit and loved to see when you began to fall all the nursing homes … I always looked up to heaven to see it passed a vulture. In building up the birds were lost and made it up to each tree to find the nest …. " ANA MARIA: "The folk art she loved. Especially the Chinautla. Its ceramic birth did there. Last Christmas was regret having left only his birth because we no longer went to visit him hanging out with Manuel Ocampo. On the street of the UP was the only one wing 12 on the night of December 24 rockets burned Baby Jesus ….

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