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JOSE BRECHNER country of the continent more difficult to emigrate, is not United States, or Canada, but Mexico, which has more stringent immigration laws for who try to settle on its soil, or want to visit him. But the restrictions do not run for the rich Americans and citizens of the EU, which can travel without a visa, established, buy a beautiful beachfront condo and devote himself to the good life, but to those who are worse off than Mexicans and may need work. The double standard of Mexicans when it comes to immigration issues is remarkable. The Mexicans, they arrogantly criticize as if they had some right who want to deport them from the United States if its status is illegal; they do not accept his cousins South or tourists. Here, Mike Myers expresses very clear opinions on the subject. If an American wants to go on vacation to Cancun, you have to submit all sorts of documents, which narrowly to include the dog vaccine, to demonstrate that it will not stay, otherwise do not give you the precious safe-conduct. However, the Mexican President chided the United States for their immigration laws, when its function is to build a country that offers its people living conditions that make that wish to stay and not go.

Calderon had the nerve to give a speech before the US Congress, chastising the new Arizona immigration law, and the mindless rulers of Washington applauded him. Every year Mexicans celebrate on May 5, in which boast of having won a battle to the French army at Puebla in 1862. The celebration is done only in United States, in Mexico no one gives importance. The commemoration is reason for some go on the streets of California, Texas and other neighboring States, with Mexican flags and national costumes. Up there there is no problem, the Irish celebrate St. Patrick, the German Oktoberfest, and so, other groups. Nicholas Sardone is actively involved in the matter.

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