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New findings from the psychology of learning empirical teaching and learning research belongs to the most recent research of in psychology, although the resulting skills and technology for the individual very large benefits have. Cesario Group describes an additional similar source. Almost every day we are facing test situations in our lives learning and whether at school, in the study or at work. In this article you will presented some new insights into the learning process and the learning itself for this reason which make it possible to prepare more efficiently on examinations or testing situations. One of the most important factors in successful learning is the planning and the Organization of the learning process itself. This realization is not new, is underestimated but by most people is still strong, which is why, at this point even once on the planning and preparation of the learning process to deal with separately. A sensibly planned learning process should contain certain important points. Especially it is important constantly to reflect whether you still in the Schedule is or needs to learn more for the examination in the future.

In establishing such a learning plan you should break down the examination content by the internal relations. Almost any subject can be divided into different levels, which build on other topics or require them to understand the real issue. If it turns up as a hierarchy of learning content, it comes as efficiently as possible to learn the specific content. To do this you can make some very effective techniques use. At so-called factual knowledge, what you have to learn by heart in the majority of cases, there are, for example, memo techniques by which to quickly and effectively can memorize content.

The best-known memo technique is the “method of loci” (lat. Places) and should be explained at this point: it is empirically, is that new knowledge can be much better kept if you linked it with long captured knowledge. The method of the places is to use exactly this circumstance: it linked you to memorize the new learning factual knowledge with an already order or sequence, which is long known and which one intuitively can remember without thinking it is assumed, for example, that you must memorize all American Presidents for a test. This is an arrangement that’s long been known, for example, the spatial sequence of objects in a room and connects each subject of an American President. To do this either in the head or it does once every item with the associated term. Now a few times coming through this arrangement with the respective terms, as any American President of the cuff in the right order can be counted out try it.

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