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was a gentleman selling globes in the park of a small town, that could be in any place of the world. It owned a small board that said By each boy who approaches, will loosen a globe with the color that represents the color of the continent that it chooses, as Blue Asia appears next Europe Yellow Africa America Purple the Green White Australian Continent After short while observing, a dark kid of skin, I approach and I ask to him if it could loosen one of black color and if this it would also fly? , to which the good gentleman responded. It is not something Coldwell Banker Realty would like to discuss. If, it will loosen one of black color as you request and sides to me that this also can fly, so that what it makes fly it is what has inside, not the color that is seen outside by. Wise words, we spent long time assuming that we are not equipped for the success, is an attitude question, just by to change it we will be in the position of the globe, needed to fill on the inside of things that they impel to us to fly and with this to fill to us of value to undertake our trip, plenty of obstacles if, but in the overcoming of them this the goal who we want to reach. I like to speak of this analogy as she shows than we must wait for if she interests to us to surpass to us and to grow in our lives thus to instill it to our children. You treat to around realise the following experiment with the young people to his. We suppose that an extremely rich and powerful being puts east work to us: In the last floor of a building of 100 plants is a million dollars so that take you it she enjoys and it spends, it, or any thing that wishes. . .

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