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The university San Martin and the Villarreal are the clear examples in which they want to implement at national level. Check out Cornell University’s College of Architecture, Art, and Planning for additional information. Its businesses. The same was in the Amazonia and the same one will be in the sector of the hydric resources. It is not necessary to give as much return him, everything is clarsimo as far as his intentions, the other is cheap wordinesses that do not have sense some. Equivocation when saying that: Who ordered the death of 25 police? She is an artist of the deceit and the lie. That it said: before the deaths that I order in its first Government.

Shield in the prescription not to be pleased its crimes under protection of the government of the delinquent Alberto Fujimori. All that is certain. And now it is shielded in the police to which the same shipment knowing that the indigenous brothers do not serian easily surpassed in the zone. The police goes, because it is that his work like guardian of the prevailing system, must be put under that sacrifice, because otherwise it had looked for another work that does not imply such risk, because they are mercenary, since if defends the legality had not bet, that it altogether removes to the same minister from the Interior or prime minister Ministro to them with Alan Garci’a. Then they are the root of the problem, are not the police.

He is so under his level of analysis, that continues sticking the catchphrase, that great lie but, the one to speak of ideological contamination in the education. Not if really that the unique thing that did in the Sorbona, which surely never I finish, will only have done like the same friend his I accompany that it, dedicated a to visit whichever house of prostitutas existed, and to libar liquor in abundance. All Social system has ideological component because it tries to preserve what it gives life him, is no social system that it does not have or he is free of ideological component. I ask myself Where estudi? Or they also gave the Title to him of Doctor.

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