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Flix Maier Unhappyly, in Brazil, we have true the responsible one for ‘ ‘ crime contraa humanidade’ ‘ the one that if that bureaucrat of the ONU for the Right Alimentao related, the Swiss Jean Ziegler. Brazil has its parcel of guilt for faltade foods in the world, yes, and the taiscriminosos are not the producers of biocombustveis, as it wants to make to believe the bureaucrat of the gabineterefrigerado ONU in its comfortable one (probably with furniture of mahogany of the Amaznia).The true culprits for the food lack in the world are ditos’ ‘ movements sociais’ ‘ , as the without-land, that nothing produces, soamparados for federal mount of money to practise the cio and, worse that any outracoisa, does not allow that the agronegcio grows fluentemente in Brazil, to aopromover true terrorist acts against the agricultural producers. Already temfazendeiro that Brazil was ordered of to produce in Uruguay, where, porenquanto, its plantation does not suffer the risk from being burnt by the flock of JooPedro Stdile, nor its cattle eaten for the cangaceiros reds.

Why the beans is 6,00 R$ the kilo and the rice does not stop to go up? For quefalta wheat in the square? However, it is simple: the MST already had received Is Paulointeiro during government FHC and, now, with Squid, received another So Paulo, ‘ emeio; ‘ 35 million hectares’ ‘ , as it affirmed the ementrevista president to the Braziliense Post office, in 27/04/2008 (pg. 2, 3, 4 and 6). Parapiorar still more the situation of our chaotic ‘ ‘ Brasilisto’ ‘ (Cfr. ), quilombolas also wants an entire So Paulo, others 200,000 km, for aproduo of samba, ax and macumba (Cfr. Swarmed by offers, Richard Parsons is currently assessing future choices. )E what they produce these new large estate owners? In propagated notice times atrsna reviewed Sees, the seated ones of FHC and Squid has the seguintesestatsticas, macabras, more impossible: 91% of them live in been total depenria, in true agricultural faveles and alone if they keep in foot for fazerpasseatas of vagrancy due to the food stock markets that the government them of.

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