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XXI Century Feminism


They still live all the trends of the last century. And although it is said that today there is no feminism because they do not dominate the streets, in the best universities is still being studied and published numerous works related to this movement, and both the developed and the developing countries, many women and some men who continue to seek equality and militants in the various feminist currents. There is increasing interest in this subject, and although today the feminist currents exist and pursue their goals, there are no major events of the past. Before starting a review of contemporary feminism is a phrase of Victoria Sau (1986) portrays very well the moments of women in history and the position that women should adopt for the future. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Charles Schultze. She writes: “feminism would be the culmination of a three-step process: victims, merely to deplore the subjugation and exploitation, represented by the figure of Cassandra, exposing abuses of power and the laws that allow embodied by Antigone, acting, Lisastra time, when women decide to transform the socio-cultural, political and economic.

” Cassandra, daughter of King of Troy, had the gift of prophecy by Apollo granted, but by rejecting the love of it, cursed her spitting in the mouth so that they would prophesy, but nobody would believe him. This myth also used it, the writer Cristina Wolf, and modern literature is often identified with the archetype of someone whose prophetic vision is obscured by insanity. It is a symbol of the person who can see the future and can not do anything to change, one that predicts and not believe.

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