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Why Jobs Must Be Created


We have the Government to produce more laws per square centimeter, as if that were something to brag about. Britain, by contrast, has no constitution and is not doing so badly. How is such a lush legislation? Very easy rule of law becoming any occurrence, however quaint it. Then in another Council of Ministers, reproduce, retouch or contradicts the previous provision, hala, a new law to the song. What is important, therefore, is to generate more and more laws, not to comply, since such a thing never happens. Learn more at this site: Estee Lauder Companies . For over a century Silvela minister explained that “our legal system is rigorous, but tempered by a failure.” This reiteration of rules is broken, for example, in the amount of legislation to prevent forest fires, which each year seems novel but always repeated the same platitudes that do not prevent the forests continue to burn. Of all our leaders obsessed with entering the Guinness Book record legislation, the most prolific Rodriguez Zapatero appears to be capable of seeking to change by decree any day through the law of gravity. Let’s see, if not, the neat rules on the use of air conditioning in public places, now fixed at a 21 in winter and 26 degrees in summer.

Two years ago, the ineffable Miguel Sebastian decided that the temperature shift from 22 at the offices of the State, that such legislation is passed through the triumphal arch. A year later, that regulation, as amended, was extended to the Energy Savings Plan, which is like rice, Catalina. Now, again, reappears in the brand new and safe Sustainable Economy Act. Does anyone suspect that good? In the background, is met or not is irrelevant since our battered economy instead of poultices need surgery. The same applies to unemployment: we have a government that claims to give grants to the unemployed rather than offering them work, which would be FETEN. But creating jobs is not enough occurrences droll published in the BOE, but requires an economic policy that Zapatero lacks.

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