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Who Never Left In The Hand With Its Wife?


' Who never left in the hand with its wife? ' ' This was the unhappy phrase of the goleiro Bruno of the Flamengo, in interview in the television. Unhappy phrase, unfortunate person life of this youngster. A person who already was in negotiation with the teams of the Milan, to fall in one of these? To fall not, to make what she made? What supposedly she made? Happyer he was the brother of it, that in the interview she said that, even so Bruno has abandoned the mother, it (the brother) and the family, it twisted for the Bruno to leave this, the face (the brother of the Bruno) is gari north-eastern. Daniella Perez, Maniac of the Park, Isabella, Elo, Mrcia, Eliza,.our minds are populated with the incessant bombing of the TV of these horrendos and frequent cases each time. What it lacked in the world so that these atrocities did not happen? The reply of this Bruno boy already of the one notion of what it lacks.

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