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Press release from 07.07 2008 Leipzig, July 7, 2008: on Tuesday, July 8 at 20: 00 the premiere of the composition takes place in the Gallery high + partner in the Leipzig wallpaper factory filth and fragments of the composer, painter and Computerkunstlers Knut Muller. The concert is supplemented by a number of films and computer animation to contemporary music. The piece “filth and fragment” for clarinet and electronic sounds is a world premiere created directly for the premises of the Gallery high + partner in the Leipzig wallpaper factory. The composer, painter and digital artist Knut Muller was born in 1963 in Reichenbach IM Vogtland and studied at the Hochschule fur Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig and at the Dresden Musikhochschule. Its, usually by electronic sounds dominated compositions, were among others in Klagenfurt, Cologne, Leipzig and Paris by the ensemble modern, the Sheppard Quartet London and the Leipzig ensemble performed avant-garde. For the composition of filth to fragment”, to German pulp and Bits and pieces, inspired by the atmosphere of the wallpaper factory and the premises of the local high + partner Gallery Muller.

This will be a round thing”, the composer presented here are just a selection of circular high prints and woodcuts is pleased. “The electronic sounds of the world premiere of filth and fragment” Muller even produced for the clarinet part could be won by the Staatskapelle Halle Anja Starke. In the context of event films and computer animation by Knut Muller can also experience. Instrument A”and texture” are animations to electronic music, places”is called a project of three short films, realized together with the painter Klaus Walter Knut Muller. Dark desert”is a music video to a composition of Daniel Smutny. Concluding a musical computer animation titled is destructive science”, return of the circle-like shapes of the exhibition in many variations.

The premiere begins on Tuesday, 8. July at 20: 00 in the Gallery high + partner in Hall C of the Leipzig wallpaper work. “The Group of artists of high + partner” was founded in 2007 in Leipzig as a registered partnership.

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