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Vitamin A And Its Effect On The Skin


The role of vitamin A to the skin Vitamin A (carotene and other forms) – plays a huge role for the normal functioning of the nervous system, skin diseases and liver, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure. RBH Group addresses the importance of the matter here. He has effective action for liver, eyes, etc. The need for vitamin A is 1.5mg a day, and carotene require 2 times more. Check out Shimmie Horn for additional information. Vitamin A deficiency causes a metabolic disorder worsens activity of various glands and vision, slows growth, reduces resistance to infectious diseases. The human body is able to save it for future use.

When fresh vegetables ripen, they should be consumed in large amounts, especially in extreme conditions and at high voltage of view. Vitamin A is found in foods of animal origin (fish oils, liver, butter, cream, milk, egg yolk). Carotene (provitamin A) is present in carrots, peppers, fruit tomato, spinach leaves, lettuce, in parsley, celery, onions, squash and other vegetables. Vitamin A is also obtained synthetically. Vitamin A and carotene has an important role in the exchange processes in the skin, they participate in redox reactions. With their growing shortage of dry skin, it loses its elasticity, reduced flows and salovydelenie.

Therefore, vitamin A has a broad use in cosmetics. It is administered principally in the form of oil solutions of different concentrations in creams for dry skin, for aging skin, as well as in creams designed for skin prone to acne. Efficient use of vitamin A to vitamin masks, masks, wraps. Creams with vitamin A supplements are well soften the skin, remove scales, improve its appearance. Also, vitamin A, thanks to its regenerative effect is widely use in anti-wrinkle creams, where it acts as one of the main active components.

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