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Tenevynosliv’s crown is symmetrical. Foliage changes color in autumn. Coniferous trees also look great in a series of hedges. This applies particularly to tuyam. Most of them are cut well. They are frost-resistant and hardy to the city smoke.

It is these plants should be used in the design of the garden, if its main task is to correct geometry. As mentioned above, before buying the seedlings, to determine the height of the hedges of the future. For meter fence (also called edge) suitable: barberry Thunberg, gooseberries, currants, and box-Alpine. Three-meter (hedge): Hawthorn, cherry steppe, honeysuckle, Saskatoon, cotoneaster. For high, more than three meters, fences (live wall) you can use maple, blackthorn, larch, western thuja, and bird cherry. This list is not final. You can find yourself considering plants: hardiness, height, and soil composition.

Do not forget about this aspect of the climate. Be careful, dear, advertised plants are often not suitable for our area. Bookmark hedges. Hedges, occupy one place very long, so training must begin with the soil. To do this, dig a trench in a bayonet shovels. Width from 0.5 to 1.5 meters. Depending on your plants applicable to the hedges. At the bottom of the empty peat, manure or humus and loosen all the forks. Now you can plant seedlings. Cover the soil should be mixed with organic fertilizer. Seedlings need to review and separate the dead, broken roots. They should be planted in moist soil. Planted seedlings of deciduous plants trimmed to 1 / 3. hawthorn should be cut by 15-17 cm of soil. Evergreen conifers, and after landing a means to handle difficulties evaporation. Further processing is no different from other garden crops. Watering on hot days and dressing during the growing season. Living fence on the ‘whip’. A quick solution to the problem fence the new site will be a hedge of willow trees. For this suit almost all kinds except the willow white willow (willow) too high tree and broom, it is not very robust. For such a fence stakes to score from the perimeter of the cross members (as a tapestry) and planted them along the willow cuttings. For a more dense hedge, through a graft should be planted at an angle. Subsequently, the need have taken cuttings, bind to each other, and the place is not accepted – to plant new ones. Hedge, an essential element and an integral part of any garden. Its versatile functions and a decorative element for years will not only please the eye, but also to protect you and your garden from external influences. In addition, you can always hide behind the hedge of any unnecessary element of the plot.

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