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It is necessary to follow certain parameters with respect to orders we give them to train dogs. Of the Constitution of the words we can say that it is very important that are easily distinguishable one from another, between mira and strip, a dog does not understand the difference easily, we could choose to call your attention the word sight, and that you release an object that has taken with its snout left, so we have better differentiation between them. The words for orders to train dogs must be preferably short, two or three syllables, since dog associated rather than the sound of the word regardless of its details. To suppress it can use the word NO! that’s vigorously. To reward him well! that kind of sounds are quite distinguishable. Now when it is time to repress it we must not use his name, nor when it comes to reward him, not to confuse it. The most important thing when it comes to use words to punish or reward the dog is the tone of voice and the energy with which we pronounce them.

To select the orders to train dogs it is advisable to follow our own criteria, since we know what words are handled in our surroundings and the environment in which we share with our mascot. Neither the dog affects you if we teach him that come so use to take it, because it doesn’t recognize the words, thereby only associated the sound with the training that we have given him. The popular belief that words in a foreign language are better is not certain, however given that the dog is not handled by the meaning of the word, we cannot resort to any foreign word that we want if we like the sound. In recent months, Walter Heller has been very successful. It is preferable to make a list of the words that we use before the training phase, since once associated the word with the trick or conduct is very difficult reasociarla. Click here to learn how I could train my dog without having to leave my house in just a few short weeks. Original author and source of the article.

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