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Therefore, for treatment in Israel, where paramedics diagnosed in a patient symptoms clogging of blood vessels, they were contacted by telephone to the medical center, check out the history of the patient and in a matter of urgency driven him to the catheterize, where they are waiting for doctors carrying out the procedure. It is not something Lydia Kutka would like to discuss. The last years have proven that this treatment strategy also helps significantly reduce the damage brought by the heart during occlusion. Protective and suck the device. Sometimes, during catheterize of a blood clot can break away a bit and start moving the vessel. Earlier to catch a bunch, used a special device similar to an umbrella. In our being applied more simple device consisting of a hollow catheter through which a blood clot carried exhaustion, before the start of Providence balloon catheterize and stent placement. In parallel with this procedure, the patient intravenous drug prevents the appearance of clots.

Aids to support the work of the heart. Patients are in an unstable state with low blood pressure as a consequence poor performance of the heart, are treated with a special <cylinders – the vast apparatus>>. This unit uses a catheter to the end of which is a cylinder which can inflate to a diameter of 36-40 mm. He entered into aorta and it is held inflation and blowing balloon. This procedure improves blood flow through the vessels and improves cardiac muscle. The treatment abroad in recent years has been developed and applied apparatus. Whereby, in the left ventricle catheter that carries blood from the injection of the left ventricle into the aorta, thereby replacing the work of the left ventricle. The unit provides an opportunity to perform some treatments that are impossible to perform using conventional methods. Disadvantages device – a very large cost of catheters. Angioplasty with problems with heart valves. In the last two years of treatment in Israel There have been significant changes, particularly with regard to cardiac catheterize. Transplantation of aortic valve using catheter. Common diseases of old age – this calcification aortic valve. This situation may contribute to severe narrowing of the valve and as a result of insufficient blood flow to various parts of the body. When these diseases now being used transplantation valve. Recently, treatment abroad, people who for health reasons can not providence operations performed catheterization with the installation of biological valve. Likely over time, this practice completely replace conventional surgery, even those patients that surgery is not contraindicated. Restoration of the flowing valve. Leaking valve causes interference in the work of the heart, but also affects the fast shortness of breath. On Today, when such problems make the operation to restore valve. However, in this area, in some countries undergoing clinical trials for the restoration of cardiac valves with cauterization.

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