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TELES presents its newly sorted and extended access gateway portfolio. The range now comprises three product lines. Berlin, 01.02.2011. TELES presents its newly sorted and extended access gateway portfolio. The range now consists of three product lines: the VoIPBox product line includes all VoIP-ISDN gateway with four to 180 VoIP channels as well as various BRI and PRI connections. Jacobs Dallas often addresses the matter in his writings. All TELES wireless gateways with one to four mobile radio channels, including new 3 g devices and the GSM gateways adopted 2010 by Quad belong to ECOTEL product line. The product line iGATE includes all modular mobile gateway systems with four to 32 GSM or UMTS channels in the 19-inch housing.

With the restructured portfolio enables TELES distributors, system integrators and resellers, to navigate quickly in the portfolio and to choose appropriate solutions. High priority for VoIP-ISDN gateway TELES is the supplier of access gateways with the complete portfolio for all possible interfaces including VoIP, BRI, PRI, “analog, GSM, UMTS, GPRS and HSDPA”, says Frank Paetsch, CTO of TELES. After the takeover of the GSM gateway product line of four of a kind and the development of new 3G-Gateways, it is now necessary to sort the portfolio. The product names follow from now an order of three product lines. Our customers are can to intuitively navigate and quickly select the right products.” TELES is the portfolio into VoIPBox VoIP-ISDN gateway, compact mobile gateway ECOTEL and freely configurable iGATE mobile wireless gateway systems in the 19-inch housing.

Especially the VoIPBox VoIP-ISDN gateway introduced 2010 in distribution and retail will receive as its own product line”a high priority, says Frank Paetsch. Important equipment data at a glance the most important information about the devices are now seen at a glance”, says Thomas Haydn, Director of product marketing. On the designation of a unit the customer sees right away, whether it’s a mobile phone or a VoIP gateway and how many interfaces are available.

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