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The Protocol


Decent work. All have preconceptions about Butlers and the role played in the literature and cinema Butlers are grown, almost always characterized as English characters, they captivate audiences thanks to its intelligent humor, his audacity and shrewdness reveal mysteries or plan a great crime. In real life we are discrete and little striking, prudent and helpful as required by the Office, this point is extremely important, since one should not confuse the serve, to be servile, (from the Latin servilis) this last, be flattering, slave, submissive or to understand better, ball. The fundamental difference is that a good steward serves, but is not servile. We are responsible for offering the best service possible and at the same time, (the people who develop this work), enjoy the same. (Some of the more usual and common, materials that all good steward must master to perfection) The Protocol.

The treatments. Times more common and correct for the different types of meetings and events, (coffee, snacks, tea, dinner dances, Picnic, snacks, BBQ, cocktail, distribution of guests (English or French system), intercropping system, Simple system or online.) (in my page’s Protocol, you can find) (you extensive references them) forms of service tables. Service a la francaise: to the English service: service to the Russian or with auxiliary table: of campaign service of Snack Bar. Buffet service. The brunch. The cocktail.

The lunch. The winery. Wine needs to be kept in a clean, dark, damp place with good ventilation, where can stand at a constant temperature. TEMPERATURE. MOISTURE. DARKNESS. CALM. CLEANING, ventilation and storage angle. The Puro habano. The ignition. The technique of the ignition. What to do if the pure shuts down. The utensils of the ignition. The matchbox. Special lighters etc.etc. You must be familiar and know the tuxedo, the Chaque, Spencer, the Frac, costumes of labels and media labels. Know for shirts and collars, English neck. Italian neck. Buttoned collar. PIN collar. Detachable collar. Women’s basic wardrobe. Evening gown. Suits and cocktail dresses and accessories. Formal dressing. Informal costume. Sport dress shoes. Shoes as an essential part of both male and female costumes. And basically you must apply a simple and simple rule, (understandable for everyone), this is, the Formula R.E.S. = respect, education and common sense. in these three concepts the fundamental essence is saved to cope in society. For all these reasons, and in short, I conclude by saying that the profession of Butler, many years ago that it is not a relic of the novels, but this, is still a current and first-level profession. If you want to know or bring any question with certainty enriching for me, meet me say my disposition towards this end.

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