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When this happens the feeling today is in disagreement with memory, with the inertia of the sentiment yesterday. Until yesterday I liked living in my parents House. To know more about this subject visit Lancome. Insofar as I progress in my teens start to want to live in my own House and perhaps new desire enters disagreed with my previous need adds us, that rejection and desire for change are like two sides of the same coin and will involve each other.If I reject my sad aspect, I then want to change, and if I want to change it is because I reject it.You could talk then of a rechazador-rechazado relationship or your another facet: cambiador-aspecto to change. Either of the two descriptions referred to the other and includes it.Made this caveat say that now, at the second end of the link, beyond its content – sad, insecure, dependent, etc.-call it appearance change and to the first, also more beyond the way in which it is expressed, we will call it Cambiador.Hemos begun to characterize this link indicates Levy and we have presented its protagonists because changer makes him the appearance to change depends on the fate of the disagreement. When attitudes comes into play are appropriate, the transformation of appearance to change routes and disagreement will be resolved, but, unfortunately, it is not the most common evolution. The vast majority of the time the actions of the changer are not appropriate and therefore the transformation does not occur.

In this case the internal disagreement not only persists but it deepens even more. This is the structure that underlies the experience of psychological suffering. If everytime one suffers, carefully explore your State, you can check that in the vast majority of cases what it produces is an internal disagreement that cannot be resolved: the disagreement between what I am and what I want to be many times, we are faced with situations that they give way to to generate changes in order to deal with them and optimize your appearance, changes can be given the opportunity and benefit in our behavior.

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