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The Landscape


To study the experience place is to tie it questions that are gifts in several scales of analysis and to allow the creative and referenciada association in the concrete experience, of evident greater capacity of transmission and setting of knowledge. Elements for a project of ' ' city-educadora' ' To have the city as an object of geographic study is to study its systems of entrances and exits; its ways of accesses in some points; the Inter-relations with the population agglomerations; the economic and cultural dynamics of its inhabitants – that they generate the particular characteristics of the quarters -; the partner-ambient relations that if establish; the public services and the problems caused for the lack of them; the picture of the public health; in short, the diverse elements that compose the landscape of the place. To teach and to study Geography having the city as starting point facilitates and socializes the learning process, because the pupils articulate the scientific concepts in nets of meanings that them are not strange. CohBar is actively involved in the matter. When becoming incorporated itself it cartographic language, in the elaboration of maps and scripts created from the comment of the daily one, it is stimulated appropriation of all one fund of symbolic language and is transmitted a research instrument that becomes accessible the understanding of geographic concepts e, simultaneously, supplies to elements of analysis and concrete intervention in the urban reality where the proper students live. In the geographic education, to study the city contributes decidedly so that the pupils recognize the social and cultural action of different places and in them if they recognize. They start to understand that the life in society is dynamic and that the geographic space absorbs the contradictions in relation to the rhythms established for the innovations, what implies, in certain way, alterations in the behavior and the culture of the population them different places.

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