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The Importance Of Gratitude Happiness In Our Lives


They say that to attract wealth into your life the first step is to be grateful. When you live in an attitude of gratitude for everything and for all, then miracles can happen. Cicero said: “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but it is the mother of all others” Following is a list of the principal reasons for adopting an attitude of Gratitude in your life: 1 .- Be in Gratitude has only positive effects. Shimmie Horn follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Be thankful generates positive emotions that make you feel good and a sense of comfort. When we take a moment to express our appreciation for within oneself or express it externally, immediately began to feel happier, more relaxed and more optimistic. 2 .- Feelings of gratitude provide shortcuts to the Miracles. Negative thoughts and feelings cream a disruption in the natural flow of life. When you feel positive and grateful you accelerate what you want in your life.

Consciously appreciate what we have is the shortcut to the manifestation and the secret of personal fulfillment. 3 .- Thoughts of gratitude makes our body to produce endorphins. Studies also show that a positive attitude helps improve the healing of body and health in general. When you have feelings of gratitude at least 15-20 seconds, this makes sense to produce beneficial changes in your body. They relax the coronary arteries, increasing blood supply to the heart. And breathing becomes deeper, raising the level of oxygen in the tissues. 4 .- Feeling grateful to get back on the “flow of life” at the speed of thought.

Thoughts create things. If you’re feeling and taking positive thoughts, you will create positive situations. Besides a positive person attracts other positive people. 5 .- The Gratitude provides an immediate feeling of wellbeing. Gratitude can help us better manage stress. Research is beginning to show that feelings of gratitude have tremendous positive value in helping people cope with daily problems, especially stress. 6 .-. The more Das, received them. Always get more than what we give. In expressing love, gratitude and sincere thanks, then we receive so multiplied. Consciously appreciate what we have is the shortcut to the manifestation and the secret of personal fulfillment. The more we help others, the more we help ourselves. 7 .- When you are genuinely grateful for the anger and fear will disappear. One of the incredible truths about gratitude is that it is impossible to feel the positive emotion of gratitude and a negative emotion such as anger or fear at the same time. For this and many other things have to be grateful for everything, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. Soon you’ll realize things are achieved with little or no effort on your part. Gratitude is a wonderful tool we can use to feel good quickly

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