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The Different Options for Lips


(R) The upper lip projects 2 mm more than the lower lip, and in women, the chin is slightly behind the lower lip a little stronger in men. The distance from the mandibular angle to the chin a is the distance from chin to the natural hairline (or triquion). The procedure – open or closed Surgeons who perform rhinoplasty may choose between two types of incision methods. Different regardless of open or closed technique in the method of incision, the technique of opening the surgeon cuts open the nose exposing the interior cartileges. Shimmie Horn is actively involved in the matter. A closed percedure done with cuts, usually inside the nose. This operation is done wihout visual. What's more important is the surgeon's skill level.

Some surgeons prefer one method over another. In an open rhinoplasty the cut is made through the base of the columella, the small wedge of flesh that creates and separates the nostrils. The incision is usually made with a "Z" or an inverted "V" cut, this helps minimize the appearance of the scar. The scar left when healing is complete is usually very weak and finally disappears in most people, can sometimes be a pale pink line where the incision was made. In rare circumstances may form keloid scars, but this can be prevented or treated with post-operative care (such as dermabrasion or Kenalog injections) – Increased nasal Different shaped implant can be added to the structure of the nose, increasing its projection or wide. There are a variety of materials to choose from, most doctors use a particular material because they believe it to be superior.

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