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The Costume


Bag and Briefcase that are of quality. If you use jewellery and costume jewellery, does not need to take all parts of an Assembly, you can mix parts of different sets or loose provided that they are of the same style as the clothing and are coordinated. In the case of the Knights with the costume must be worn a dress watch and not one sport, we need to adapt the clock to the type of clothing. 5 Cares about the condition of the hair. Hair is one of the elements that is most striking.

Hair cutting must be present and promote our face shape. Wash regularly and visit whenever you need to Barber to keep the cut and not have a neglected aspect. If you have not found a barber that you like, if you find someone with a good haircut, don’t be afraid to ask for a recommendation. When you know that you are well groomed, you gain in confidence in yourself / a. 6. Focus on what you like it. Don’t let your mind be obsessed with those elements that you don’t like your silhouette or anatomy. Think about what you have good and get dressed according to these positive points.

Question your friends what they like more than you, what admire more. If you want additional help, nothing like hiring a specialist, an image consultant who will help you to see you with greater objectivity. It will be your best ally to learn how to get more game, win in confidence and power. 7. The attitude is very important. A smile is a weapon for feel better and achieve that others feel more comfortable in our presence. The smile is a sign of confidence and not hard to share it. People that we most admire for his style are not necessarily the most graceful physically nor those who have more money. To have a good image, remember to always dress based on your body type, you adapt to the circumstances and giving a special touch to the outfit with accessories. Original author and source of the article.

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