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Not you can believe in the dogmatic position of the teacher who has knowledge and which transmits from a platform or a Blackboard while students (those who know nothing), annotate and listen to dumb and boring. That way you learn to be quiet and many times is for life. You lose curiosity and critical attitude considerations and suggestions for the Venezuelan educational reality, especially in the universities, theme that we analyze, you should definitely change radically how to select those who will play his role of teacher, being more selective University authorities who integrate plant teacher, with an academic endorsement that allows them to integrate, in addition to service-oriented, enthusiasm, motivation, influence, generation of knowledge, update and applicability, and having a good training in what the scientific research required to achieve favorable results. You can not hire people without academic preparation, without knowing the role that the present demands, with teaching proactive, creative, innovative that properly used talent, ability of its participant with new methods of learning, renovators, freed from the traditional, that allow to know to integrate all the actors involved to emerge a new paradigm of education knowing use modern tools that have been generated and have resulted in progress, as everything that encourages it. It cannot be in the classroom teacher that fill content to their students, should promote these to take step to its creative, innovative, potentiality that is known to listen to what they already know, and that propose interesting methods to discuss knowledge they bring their schools, House, Internet, of the television documentaries. Originate new evaluation systems that allow everyone can demonstrate his learning and at the same time assessed that they have also done teachers based on the results obtained. I agree with the idea that teachers should assess knowledge, family history that each person brings and that it can get much information that could help you in appropriate learning, when their weaknesses and strengths are detected.

It is necessary, that the teacher this updated and act according to their here and now, to identify with the needs and realities of the present, to Unpin from the past, not to lose time in what others have bequeathed us and which no longer have validity, working on issues of the present, current problems that have to be addressed, since then, this stimulated new knowledge. Should the modern teacher, be very attentive in providing tools that give way to new methods of work and scientific research, fosters critical knowledge and learn to cooperate and work in team, which always keep motivation be attentive to all the events that occur and be willing to face them with supportive knowledge. It should the teacher to know influence your students interest in being authentic, expose their concerns, work on them, achieve genuine cohesion of ideas on the basis of the analysis, discussion and everything that let you bring that talent that is required today, to return to rescue education and a new learning methodology that encourages everyone to be generated.

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