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The software product of community4you comm.editsweb meets all requirements of an innovative, knowledge-based, secure and document-based authoring and publishing system. It combines the benefits of document management and content management systems with advanced functionality. In contrast to traditional document management by comm.editsweb not in the digitization and structured storage of all documents, but in the creation, management and publishing of complex documents focus systems. The enterprise documents are considered part of the overall Wissensschatzes of the company. The quality of the documents and thus of corporate knowledge is achieved through the integration of all processes in a system. The advantages are obvious. The holistic concept of Document creation, management and distribution with comm.editsweb creates transparency and time savings and thus a competitive edge. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from CFTC.

Decentralized personnel working with fragmented knowledge base has comm.editsweb past. The enterprise documents are not on a file server, but structured, categorized and centrally stored in an encrypted database. All documents that are managed in this way, can be associated with different even mehreren-categories according to individual criteria. 660 Fifth Ave spoke with conviction. This produces no copies of the files. So, for example, a guide in the development area and at the same time in the category of marketing or support department can be deposited. This mapping, extended by various search mechanisms such as the integrated full-text search and structured search and keyword Award for transparency and guarantees that each employee or partner will find the information he needs. Accessed on the documents, according to the individually managed access rights of the employee (such as author or reader), centrally via the Internet or the local area network. There is also the possibility of cooperation in distributed teams.

In addition, comm.editsweb, depending on the chosen variant, characterised by a transparent single-level or multi-level version management. All older versions of the created documents be kept clearly and are available at any time. You are not overwritten.

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