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In practice, this is not feasible, since the gas trusts do not provide for private homes double the rate of gas (as determined by the supply of gas pipe diameter). In case, the use of two boilers for backup, total capacity is calculated, if one of the boilers, the second provides a home heating in a partial mode (not at full capacity). But even in this mode, significantly reduced the discomfort of residence, as opposed to using the same pot (with his refusal to immediately becomes no heating, no hot water). That is, there is a new quality: the failure of one of the boiler, you still heating and hot water at the time of the fault. The cost of additional security depends on those components that are necessary for its implementation, namely: two boilers less power, instead of one, calculated at full capacity, Automatic cascade control that allows you to work in concert to two boilers simultaneously or ocheredi.Dopolnitelnye pipelines that provide hydraulic connection of the two boilers to one collector.

When selecting the manufacturer of boilers should be aware that not every model can work in a cascade and each manufacturer has automatic cascade control. Information on how to model boilers from different manufacturers can be obtained from surveys of boiler equipment, carried out by "Ing-In." In assessing the overall value of the boiler room with two boilers to be taken into account, besides the cost of additional equipment, the cost of additional work. Below is a comparative analysis of the cost of the boiler house on one and two boilers (home, area of 450 square meters). Boiler house with one floor of the boiler will be cost about 385 thousand rubles. Boiler room based on 2 boilers will cost you to have 544 480 USD. The difference is caused not only by adding the value of another boiler, but also spare parts for its trim and automation for cascading.

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