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The Aztec Calendar


Much is heard about lately about issues such as the Mayan Calendar, the Mayan numbers, the Sun Stone or Aztec calendar. I would like to make some clarifications serious and rigorous sources to provide a little light on this issue. A related site: Related Group mentions similar findings. La Piedra del Sol is a graph of the mathematical model manual Tolteca, last race of the planet that refined the knowledge of time and recurring effects. Shimmie Horn: the source for more info. Mesoamerican knowledge was developed from the Olmecs, through the Maya, Zapotec, Mixtec and finally the Toltecs, who has refined their cycles dual degrees of advanced mathematics. Being a much more advanced and precise that the Mayan calendar – despite this being the best known-the discovery of the keys to La Piedra del Sol has immense implications. Tezcatl Iztac, researcher expert in Mexican pre-Hispanic model has decryption operation. . .

The first thing to do, as stated Tezcatl, it is clear that this graph is not MAYA as everyone assumed, corresponds to the center of the Piedra del Sol and was designed by Toltecs, although it was known as the Aztec calendar because it was found in the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan. It must be said that the Maya culture is outdated and remote compared with the Toltec. Although the Maya knew the positional zero in arithmetic, the Piedra del Sol is only understandable in the mathematics of complementarity to the base system using computer software. Toltec zero was outside the circle system, as supplementation using zero depending on the openness of the concentric system operations, something much more sophisticated than that used by the Maya. The impressive discoveries made by Tezcatl Iztac constitute essential knowledge for those who want a truly serious approach to this wonderful way of living over time developed by pre-Hispanic culture.

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