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Technical Assistance and CSRs


Hence. our insistence that you wake up, the new management is committed to give way to a CSR that benefits everyone. Very true indicating prof. Check out Ryan Schneider for additional information. Thomas De la UCV Paez, that the issue of social responsibility has been associated with large corporations and multinationals, however, in the Technical Assistance Center for Organizational Productivity (Ceatpro) decided to investigate the incidence of local SMEs in this activity, the importance represents the sector in the production and marketing of goods and services and generating employment. In the particular case of our perception on the subject, we believe that SMEs should not be neglected, and is why we always emphasis on their relevance in support of giving way to an organizational culture that favors him .. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a business approach that incorporates respect for ethics, people, communities, workers and the environment. CSR is a set of policies, practices and programs that are integrated into the whole process of business operations and in their decision making.

Within the training of professionals specializing in quality management and productivity of the University faces Carabobo through its graduate programs, there is great emphasis that Venezuelan firms identify increasingly with the social responsibility of its operation, service. To ensure that the mission of the company complies with all aspects that benefit the community in which they operate, the country and provide support to human resources that integrates guaranteeing a good quality of working life. Since many managers, especially of SMEs that are realizing that these practices increase your productivity and create a positive image to the company.

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