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Summer Tires For Amateur Drivers


Those motorists who like to drive on highways in the summer, the choice of winter tires should be approached carefully. It's no secret that the behavior of the car at high speed in the Russian roads in many respects determined precisely by competent work tires. Requirements for this summer tires, so crucial for high-speed characteristics and behavior of vehicles on the road. In addition, modern high speed tires must have a stylish design to emphasize the look of the car. Today, most high-speed summer tire is based on the use of standard production cars. If You choose a summer tire for powerful, high-speed car, then you fit the tire with an index of W or Z, help ensure stable driving at speeds of, respectively, 270 and 300 km / h.

Currently, the Russian market offers a wide variety of high-speed summer tire, varying his performance, and original design. Of course, market leadership belongs to the high-speed tires world's largest manufacturers, who have extensive experience in servicing a racing car. Swarmed by offers, rusty holzer is currently assessing future choices. For example, the Italian company Pirelli, traditionally offering tires for performance cars and is known to be involved in many racing disciplines. Pirelli engineers have developed a P7 summer tires that combine superior performance for sporty driving and excellent comfort. They use a new profile tires offers greater reliability and durability of the tire. Protector of summer tires Pirelli P7 effectively resists aquaplaning and copes with driving on wet roads. New asymmetric tread pattern, designed especially for sports driving, with its broad blocks, which reduces the stopping distance, increase driving comfort and provide a high level of active safety.

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