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Spring has been coming, and this means that for current students begins a difficult time, because the front of ege! ct, or Uniform State Exam, he is both a final examination from the school and the opening in University. It became mandatory for all schools, starting in 2009. Today, the Unified State Exam – an ordeal not only for schoolchildren but also for their parents, which is very important to well organize your child. See for yourself how important student life is a good estimate at the time ct – in fact depends on to higher education and further career! However, if you talk to today's graduates, but it may be noted that most of them are experiencing fear or indignation before this exam. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Ron Beit by clicking through. Almost all pupils remain unclear, many aspects of its implementation and validation criteria. Self-testing is presented in the form of jobs, and consists of three blocks. In the "A" are given answers from which to choose the right one.

In the "B" is necessary to write the correct answer, consisting of several characters, are not given options. In the "C" requires a detailed answer, and it is estimated by experts in this field. And yet there is a secret passing use! And it is very simple. It is a real understanding of the subject and confidence in their knowledge. Of course, if the student is well prepared and will be several versions of this exam, he can get a good grade. Fortunately, there are experts who can help in this difficult matter! Professional tutors are ready to help in such subjects as mathematics, physics, chemistry, Russian, English and others. Even if a student has big gaps in these subjects, they can fill, studying with a tutor. We wish you great victories and good luck on exams!

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